Waiting for Naseer

Waiting for Naseer

A Philosophical Comedy

Written & Directed by

Sapan Saran


Jaimini Pathak, Sukant Goel & Debtosh Darjee

Light Design

Hidayat Sami

Waiting for Naseer is a philosophical comedy wherein two actors wait at the Prithvi Theatre Cafe to catch a show of their favorite actor, Naseeruddin Shah's new play. But the situation is weirder than it sounds, because only one of them is entitled to a ticket, and because they are both dead! While they wait, they laugh, they cry, they compete bitterly and reveal themselves in a desperate bid to get that elusive one ticket to the show. An actor knows how to wait, like no one else does — all he desires are his moments on stage. In those moments he finds the ability to smile at his ephemeral existence.

The play is a celebration of theatre, of acting, of passion and of life itself ... only it is being celebrated by two dead men.

80 minutes/no interval | Hindi