Residency @ Studio Tamaasha: Gurleen Judge

"Artist-in-residence: Gurleen Judge

"Theatre makers looking to incubate an idea, develop a new work, or intensively work to bring a project to completion, are invited to be a part of Studio Tamaasha's residency programme. The studio is offered as a workspace for ten days at no cost. In return, the theatre maker is expected to design four evenings of informal sharings with an audience of the work being developed, any unique skills the group may have, or just an evening of conversation about the ideas and ideals that drive their theatre work. In addition, the group has the option to perform any of their existing work over the two weekends that fall within the residency period.

    Previously, as part of the Residency:
  • Actor-director Sukant Goel developed a dramatic presentation of an intriguing contemporary German play script, Going To The Sea
  • Writer, actor, director, and Yakshagana artist Abhinav Grover worked on an intertextual experiment bringing Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot' together with Kishikindha Kaand from the Ramayana
  • Puja Sarup & Sheena Khalid of The Patchworks Ensemble journeyed into investigating the juxtaposition of the banal, everyday handling of grief as opposed to the very performative qualities of public mourning, on the basis of books, songs, and first-hand accounts.

This month, young theatre director and facilitator Gurleen Judge" "