"An Event & its Afterlife: A Cinematic & Literary Memorial of '68"

"Conceptualised and Curated by Vaibhav Abnave"

"2018 marks the fiftieth anniversary of a revolutionary event that occurred in 1968, in the month of May, in France. This event not only challenged the repressive status quo (Gaullist regime) but also questioned the established forms of opposing that status quo (Stalinist Communist Party of France). It sought to reinvent the meaning of resistance itself.

In this ‘cinematic and literary memorial’, we will intensely reflect upon May ’68 as a historical phenomenon, its long political-cultural afterlife, its untimely death and its continued contemporary relevance as an event, through various films (fiction, non-fiction, live action, animation) produced across the globe over the past fifty years. Film viewing will be complemented with literary readings, interviews, discussions, exhibits.

Spend a weekend at Studio Tamaasha every month, immersed in this rare cinematic and literary experience. " "